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By guest, Feb 10 2015 04:54PM

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Apr 10 2015 03:05AM by Robin Morren

My stylist,Raquel has been doing my hair for close to 20 years, I leave my style and color up to her expertise. She never fails!

Jul 18 2016 05:30AM by Linda Lampen

I have been going to Raquel Dykstra at Trends Salon in Holland on Lakewood Blvd. for some time now! I am in my upper 50's Blonde and my eyebrows have been thinning. It was getting frustrating the time spent each day, to make it look like I had eyebrows. I heard about Raquel Dykstra of Trends Salon doing making Tattooing. I had her do my eyebrows for me! She was Amazing, she gave them a just a little pointed shape, which amazingly opened the eye area more, making my eyes look larger and younger! Raquel is a very Professional Business Women! She spends much time to with you to make sure her work looks Natural, and the right color on you, her work is Excellent! She is an Amazing Person! As I was getting my eyebrows done, I was watching her employees and how they were doing their clients hair! Everyone that works their does amazingly awesome hair styles on their clients! It is a relaxing atmosphere. I was so impressed with the hairstyles I was watching go out of the Salon and how happy each client was, that I began to have Raquel Dykstra cut my hair. She can literally look at the structure of your face and help tell you what kind of hairstyle is just meant for you! She spends much time with you to make sure your hair cut is Perfect when you walk out the door! She also know special ways to layer your hair just right ( even underneath the layers you see on top) so that your hair cut is easy to manage at home! When I say this, I truly mean this, I am 57 and this is my favorite hair cut (style) I have had, and it is easy to do myself at home! I Loved my hair cut so much, that I can not imagine anyone else styling and cutting my hair, but Raquel! She is a Beautiful Person, Kind and Friendly. I have so enjoyed getting to know her!
Back to the makeup tattooing, I Loved the Work Raquel did and the freedom it gave me in the morning getting ready, not having to spend pain staking time trying to get my eyebrows on right, which I was also having a hard time finding a product to stick to my skin, that I went for the gusto and also had Raquel Dykstra at Trends Salon on Lakewood BLVD. do eyeliner tattooing on me also. That also turned out Great! The freedom it gave me, that I do not have to deal with eyebrows and eyeliner each day, is Amazing! I am SO HAPPY I had makeup tattooing done, by Raquel Dykstra at Trends Salon!
I wish I would have done this a long time ago! Her prices are Great for all the services they do there!
She just added a separate Very Relaxing Room, to have the makeup tattooing done!
When you have any service done at Trends Salon, It is done with Perfection and Friendliness!
I would 100% Recommend Raquel Dykstra at Trends Salon of Holland, on Lakewood Blvd., and her Employes to everyone! They ALL do an Outstanding Job!
I will be a Long Time Customer!

VERY HAPPY that I found Trends Salon of Holland!

Apr 12 2018 12:19AM by David E Fellows

I have been married to a lady for 29 years that formerly did hair. She is the best stylist I have ever had. The only downside to my wife's doing me hair is that it isn't just a haircut but, rather, it's a religious experience. She will literally take an hour or more to cut my hair. By the time she is done I can no longer feel my butt or the back of my legs.

For a variety of reasons I have been stuck over here in Michigan away from my family in KC. I have found some good stylists down in Mishawaka and then came up here. I found Raquel and went in for my first cut over a year ago now. Let me tell you I have not been disappointed! Besides my wife, she is hands down the best stylist I have ever had. And, even better for me, she doesn't take over an hour! I recently had to have someone else cut my hair and it looked like rats had been nesting on my head. Places too short, places too long, weight points. You name it. I looked like a crack addict. I will never experiment with another stylist again while living in western Michigan. I am up in Grand Rapids now. When I initially had her cut my hair, I was down in Hamilton. I still will drive down there to ensure I get a good cut. She's the best!


Jun 25 2018 06:00PM by Norma hettich

Went to Raquel for the first time last week. I have very thin hair so I took a few pictures to show how I would like it cut. Happy and pleased to say she did a great job! She got it to look closer to the picture than I had expected....and I will return when I need it trimmed again! Being a first time client she only charges $15 which is pretty awesome to begin with....For anyone interested, she prefers cash or check, not cards. Just thought I would pass that along for her. :)

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